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GenX was founded in November 1999. We are a multi-faceted group of individuals representing current and former college students, young adults, and career-oriented individuals. Based in Houston, Texas, GenX expects its membership to diversify. Meetings are held second Tuesday of each month at 7 PM. Meeting venues include conference calls, Internet chat, and face to face interaction. Information covered in our monthly meetings includes stocks, bonds, mutual funds, personal finance, and retirement planning. GenX is a member of Better Investing (formerly NAIC) and follows their guidelines for investing.

Investing can be a lonely and daunting task, and investing can be a lot of work. We didn't let hard work and veteran investors scare us away. GenX partnership provides access to low cost classes, investment tools, and investment plans. Most importantly, you are not alone. Every member of the club started out with little or no knowledge of investing.

For more information, or to attend a meeting, please contact us.

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